There are many Jeep part suppliers selling quality replacement bodies for your Jeep Restoration project.

At Willy’s Overland Motors, we make a good product even better.


With precision detail, our engineers and craftsmen built fixtures, jigs and templates from the original manufacturer’s specifications and drawings. They will create an exact “Bolt-On Replacement” body for the specific Jeep model you desire.

Many other bodies out there will require you to be a combination engineer, metal cutter, welder and fabricator, and to have all the necessary tools to get that body ready to mount to your chassis. Your Jeep Repli-Tub from Willy’s not only comes ready to mount in about an hour but is backed by our guarantee.


All mounting holes cut and in the correct position, with crush sleeves welded in place.The Willys Overland Repli-Tub is the only replacement body that will come to you with:

  • All firewall holes properly cut and angled
  • Holes for the gas, brake, and clutch pedals
  • Hole for the steering column
  • All tail light wiring and fuel filler holes will also be in place
  • Later CJ models will have the brackets for the grille support rods, tailgate seals, or tailgate mounting holes installed
  • Floor supports repaired, modified and/or re-positioned
  • A number of other parts that we fabricate and weld into place

When you buy a Jeep body from Willy’s Overland Motors, you get a Repli-Tub that requires little work from YOU and easily mounts. You get a Repli-Tub that is custom-fit to your Jeep model. You get the Willy’s guarantee. Other sellers of bodies offer disclaimers, we offer a guarantee. Call us today, we have the Jeep knowledge to help you get the right parts for your Jeep.


Jim & Jay Picking Up Their CJ2A Tub


Chad & Lindsay From Canada - CJ7 Tub


Gary From Arizona - CJ2A Tub


Complete kit

Includes the tub, fenders, hood, tailgate, and windshield frame, as well as all mounting pads and bolts:

  • MB & M38
  • CJ2A & CJ3A
  • CJ3B

Tub only

All other body parts are available as needed:

  • M38A1
  • Early & Intermediate CJ5 & CJ6 (’55-’75)
  • Late CJ5 (’76 & Up)
  • CJ7
  • CJ8 Scrambler


We now offer to have your body sprayed with the finest rust protecting, heat dispersing and sound deadening product we have found anywhere. Bullet Liner, the new “Gold Standard” in vehicle rust protection, can be sprayed on by their trained specialists at their local Toledo franchisee. Please check the pricing below for your specific vehicle, and read what Bullet themselves have to say about their product. Read more about Repli-Tubs in our FAQ.


Bullet Liner’s rich history in protective coatings validates its commitment to producing the highest quality coating on the market today. Bullet Liner is not only tested in laboratory conditions, but utilizes the harshest outdoor conditions possible.

Behind Bullet Liner stands Burtin Polymer Laboratories (BPL), one of the foremost uthorities in research, development, and commercialization of polyurethane systems produced for commercial roofing, commercial and residential insulation, flotation, adhesives, packaging, spray elastomers and custom molding products.

Recently launched, its Bullet Liner products are primarily used for pickup truck beds, tailgates, wheel wells and other similar vehicle protection applications. Also, part of the impressive line of Burtin Polymer Labs products is Foametix® Spray Foam Insulation, which is a series of light density, polyurethane spray-applied foam insulation systems designed for residential and commercial / industrial building applications.

BPL continues to develop some of the very few blast mitigation products tested and approved by the US Military and utilized by the United States government in the refurbishment of the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks.

All Burtin Polymer Labs formulas are proprietary where strict quality controls are implemented using only the finest chemical ingredients and the most sophisticated processing equipment in the industry at their 14-acre, state of the science facility in Cartersville, GA, with warehousing and service operations located in seven States.

Please call us toll free and let us help you get your Jeep back into the best shape it can be.